Fearful Loathing in America

March 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Fearful Loathing in America

There is every reason to believe America is heading for trouble
The death toll climbs as the fear doubles
and doubles again until it fills to the brim.
We’ve pushed our luck too far on the whims
of maniacals who burn our churches, abuse our children,
and terrify or vilify, depending on the color of your skin.

No hope; no hope. We need our hope.

Only hateful loathing of those different
from the powerful is left in the wake of tyrants
who tease us with myths of prosperity,
clouding our vision and marring any clarity.
There is no way out but through they claim
Because total destruction of our will is their aim.

The hallucinations are bad enough…can’t cope.

Yes, I know; my words seem filled with hyperbole,
but no, exaggeration is just the new reality.
Louder is the new better, so you better come heavy.
Bring the hammer and shatter any illusions of mockery.
To put a finer sociological point on my verse,
remember who they came for first.

I know it’s cliche, but forgive my trope.

Depending on who you ask, they’ve come for us all.
We’ve ingested the acid and are headed for a fall,
No tripping. No visions. Our experience is sour.
There is madness in every direction, at any hour.
The powers are protected by manufactured might
as we batter one another with claims of who’s right.

Where is our hope?

No class. No care. We focus on the squabble.
After all the rhetoric, we only leave rubble.
We can’t stop here. We must reunite.
Bat country or not, this is our plight.
Let go of your fears, and rebuke your disgust.
Our way out is with each other, so start giving trust.

Build hope; Build hope.


What words would you add?

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